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Welcome to narutofanclub!


This is the first and oldest Naruto fan club in deviantart where you can share your interests with other members.

Please read the rules below before joining us:


:bulletblue: Do not bash other members.
:bulletblue: Do NOT SPAM, tags or mass forward notes about viruses to the group. You WILL be blocked.
:bulletblue: You can only submit anything related to Naruto. Crossovers are nice but must have Naruto characters in it.
:bulletblue: No art thief, submit your 100% work only.
:bulletblue: Enjoy your stay. ;)

:star:Join the group
All you need to do is click the "Join our Group" button. No need to to write anything.


:bulletgreen: Pick on the appropriate folder in our gallery and click "+" button to contribute your deviations.
:bulletgreen: Submission limit is 1 deviations per WEEK per member.

:star:Submission Categories:

:bulletyellow: Fanart >>> General Folders for fanarts not belonging to any sub category.

:bulletyellow: We Have sub folders per team and per Narutoverse continent please make sure you submit to the proper category for ease of use.
:bulletyellow: FanFiction >>> for your literature work such as Fanfiction or poems related to naruto
:bulletyellow: Cosplay >>> for your cosplay pics.
:bulletyellow: Crafts/Misc >>> for your naruto fanworks which do not apply under fanarts or cosplay.
:bulletyellow: Fan Characters/ Fan OC >>> For Fan made characters

If your deviations are declined, then read what we DON'T accept:

:bulletred: Wrong folder
:bulletred: Hentai, explicit Gore and other offensive materials
:bulletred: Bad quality pics (Such as blurred photos or pics drawn in bad quality paper, like notebook)
:bulletred: Memes
:bulletred: Wallpaper Screen-shots
:bulletred: Manga rip-off
:bulletred: Screencaps
:bulletred: Motivational/Demotivational Posters
:bulletred: Wips (work in progress) and doodles

You may suggest a fave but must not your own work, submit in the gallery instead for your own work.

Go to the "About Us" page and click on "Affiliate" button. Don't forget to add description about your group.

If there's anything else you wish to ask, feel free to send us a note about it. Try to make it polite though. =)

I am so sorry everybody on the wait!!!!!!! Up to me eyeballs in work and even the time to type this is stolen, so I'm going to be as quick as possible^^; This last round was a little close, but it was awesome!:dance:
Please keep in mind that we believe in constructive criticism when posting comments. Please take it in the manner with which it was intended.

Now, the results!
(BTW, battle one was forfeited, so that's why there is a number inconsistency.)

2. Round 3 Ginjima VS Kiyomi by UmihoshiAnze Ginjima's Challenge Addition by UmihoshiAnze VS. Uzumaki Kiyomi - The Last by Kiyomi20 Kiyomi vs Ginjima- The Last OC Battle by Kiyomi20

Public Voting: Kiyomi20
KakariGeikoGirl's choice: Kiyomi20

Overall Winner: Kiyomi20

Kiyomi20 You really outdid yourself in this round! You have really come a long way in your art with this contest and I can see you have really made great strides! Keep it up;)

UmihoshiAnze I had such a good laugh with yours, loved the comic aspect!

3. Cat fight by DahPotato  Rynko Katayanagi THE LAST reference by DahPotato VS.  CONTEST ENTRY- Kemmei The Last Design by Mela-MKA The Last Contest -- round 3 by Mela-MKA

Public Voting: Mela-MKA
KakariGeikoGirl's choice: Mela-MKA

Overall Winner: Mela-MKA

Mela-MKA Wonderful scene, the way you drew your characters was absolutely beautiful. That's a very original jutsu that Kemmei is wielding too!

DahPotato Congratulations for making it to the end! You wrapped up the redemption round and came back strong! You have made a lot of progress in the course of this contest, and we hope you'll be back for the next one^^

4.  The Last OC Challenge - round 3 by minhquach94 Kousaku Hatake OC - Character Sheet (colored) by minhquach94 VS. Naruto OC - Sesshoku Tsumetai by deidara1444 VERSION 2 - Round 3 by deidara1444

Public Voting: :minhquach94:
KakariGeikoGirl's choice: minhquach94

Overall Winner: minhquach94

minhquach94 You're work has been stunning throughout the course of this contest! All I can say is well done:D

deidara1444 I love the way you did the frozen scenery in your piece, and you have a most interesting illustration style. I do hope we see you in the next contest also^^

And now - winners! Please contact the indicated parties for your prizes;)

:bulletblue: First Place - minhquach94

~400:points: from commandobunny
~ Full body cell-shaded character from TigerMoonCat
~Full colorCharacter portrait from KakariGeikoGirl
~Black and white pen sketch from KakariGeikoGirl
~Character sketch from moonlight-fox 
~Head/waist color drawing of up to two OCs from celeste-57
~Half-body colored from NanashimaNanase
~Full body colored from Acerbic450
~One llama badge from TacoGenocide

:bulletred: Second Place - Mela-MKA

~270:points: from commandobunny
~Full body flat colour character from TigerMoonCat
~Character render with logo from KakariGeikoGirl
~Character sketch from moonlight-fox
~Full body colored from Acerbic450
~One llama badge from TacoGenocide

:bulletyellow: Third Place - Kiyomi20

~130:points: from commandobunny
~Full body sketch from TigerMoonCat
~Chibi drawing from KakariGeikoGirl
~Character sketch from moonlight-fox
~Full body colored from Acerbic450
~One llama badge from TacoGenocide

Congratulations everyone and a Happy New Year!:D It has been a pleasure working with all of you and seeing all the fabulous entries.

More Journal Entries


Icons by Shadowcancer

Kyuubi Naruto Anim by ShadowcancerGroup PatronsKyuubi Naruto Anim by Shadowcancer

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I'm not sure if this has already been done or thought of, but I was wondering if this club should or could have an RP forum. Everyone can use their OCs in a bunch of fun activities and develop their characters stories and so on. I've got a forum that is just starting to get developed, but we could use it. :) Thoughts?
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Hi . Open Commissions

Open Commissions by 9afeyah
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I'll keep trying to get more points to donate!
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Thank you so much! It's growing slowly but surely^^ Your support is appreciated greatly:D
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Yeap he really is it.......
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