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Welcome to narutofanclub!


This is the first and oldest Naruto fan club in deviantart where you can share your interests with other members.

Please read the rules below before joining us:


:bulletblue: Do not bash other members.
:bulletblue: Do NOT SPAM, tags or mass forward notes about viruses to the group. You WILL be blocked.
:bulletblue: You can only submit anything related to Naruto. Crossovers are nice but must have Naruto characters in it.
:bulletblue: No art thief, submit your 100% work only.
:bulletblue: Enjoy your stay. ;)

:star:Join the group
All you need to do is click the "Join our Group" button. No need to to write anything.


:bulletgreen: Pick on the appropriate folder in our gallery and click "+" button to contribute your deviations.
:bulletgreen: Submission limit is 1 deviations per WEEK per member.

:star:Submission Categories:

:bulletyellow: Fanart >>> General Folders for fanarts not belonging to any sub category.

:bulletyellow: We Have sub folders per team and per Narutoverse continent please make sure you submit to the proper category for ease of use.
:bulletyellow: FanFiction >>> for your literature work such as Fanfiction or poems related to naruto
:bulletyellow: Cosplay >>> for your cosplay pics.
:bulletyellow: Crafts/Misc >>> for your naruto fanworks which do not apply under fanarts or cosplay.
:bulletyellow: Fan Characters/ Fan OC >>> For Fan made characters

If your deviations are declined, then read what we DON'T accept:

:bulletred: Wrong folder
:bulletred: Hentai, explicit Gore and other offensive materials
:bulletred: Bad quality pics (Such as blurred photos or pics drawn in bad quality paper, like notebook)
:bulletred: Memes
:bulletred: Wallpaper Screen-shots
:bulletred: Manga rip-off
:bulletred: Screencaps
:bulletred: Motivational/Demotivational Posters
:bulletred: Wips (work in progress) and doodles

You may suggest a fave but must not your own work, submit in the gallery instead for your own work.

Go to the "About Us" page and click on "Affiliate" button. Don't forget to add description about your group.

If there's anything else you wish to ask, feel free to send us a note about it. Try to make it polite though. =)
Honestly I'm Happy for all teh entries this round!
They have been overly amazing!
Sad on the number of forfeit but considering the redemption round is kinda "forced" its okay xD
Please tell me if I made any mistakes!
Voting Time!
I hope I didn't make any mistake linking anything @_@
After I tally the voting I'll announce the winners and also place my own comments on the entries.
Voting Ends on October 27, 2014. Send a note to Naruto Fanclub with the subject vote the body of the note will contain your list of winners. You can vote one person per battle.

Subject: Vote
Body: Battle 1 Taminki , Battle 2 Dhiary etc.

This is considering if you want taminki to win in battle one and dhiary for battle 2.

No need to vote on forfeit battles.

You don't need to vote on all battles but I'll appreciate it if you do more voters = better results! :D
battles are numbered below


Voting ends on October 27!!!!!

- admin moonlight-fox

Create an illustration showing a battle between your OCs! Full Colored with Background preferred!

Setting for this Round: Volcanic Erruption! (Maybe inside a Volcano, Maybe a Village Ravanged by an Erruption, Maybe a forest. I want to see fire and lava! Round 3 is definitely hot hohoho)

Remember the Criteria

50% Story of illustration and
50% Execution
5% Bonus for the canon characters (number of canon characters doesn't matter)

Here are the Rules:

1.) Have Fun!

2.) Don't take it personal if your opponent does something bad to your OC its a battle and a battle field cannot be controlled!

3.) We will have the traditional send a note to vote but if there is a battle that don't get any votes I will judge it personally. I will even add comments ^_^

4.) Adding a Canon Naruto Character in Your Entry will earn you BONUS points. We are a Naruto group afterall.

So Why should you join OC Tournaments or long running competitions?
It instills discipline and time management. It boosts confidence and teaches resourcefulness. It teaches determination and perseverance. It improves you. It challenges you. It can bring out new things about you that you did not know about. You can use your works for your portfolio!

Here are the Battle Roster for Round 3!

1.) Allia Info Card by alliaxandromedaOC Tournament Round 3: Allia vs Hazuki by alliaxandromeda VS Hazuki Kurobara by Natsuki-KazumitsuNaruto OC Battle Round 3 Allia Vs Hazuki by Natsuki-Kazumitsu

2.)Kiama Hatake by KakariGeikoGirlOC Tournament Round 3- Kiama vs Jalin by KakariGeikoGirl VS Jalin Taiga: New Design by SakuraDreamerz2Naruto OC Tournament: Round 3 by SakuraDreamerz2

Battles for Redemption Round! Also merged the other battles here so there would be less confusion! Same Settings as Round 3! Everyone who lost the previous round  automatically gets a chance to go back to the tournament through this round. If they don't wanna go back in anymore they are free to forfeit the battle

3.) Your Own Ninja - Toshirou Amaya by KitaMikichi (Forfeit)VS Mitsuaki Kato and Aki by Deergirl13(Forfeit)

4.)Leon Kano's Character Sheet by epicShadowdragonLeon VS Ren by epicShadowdragon VS Ren Yukimara- Naruto OC Page by TheSapphireWolfFoxOC Tournament Round 3- Ren Yukimara vs Leon Kano by TheSapphireWolfFox

5.)Shirohi by Shizuka-Yoru (Forfeit)VS Kasumi Info (Brief and Detailed) by Kasumi-Akatsuki(Forfeit)

6.) Naruto OC: Ikazuchi Shikyo by InfernalBlossom (Forfeit)VS NarutoFanClubContest: Create a Ninja! by SythMog(Forfeit)

7.) Yuuki by Emilay13 (Forfeit)VS My OC, Saiken Yokai!! The 5th Raikage by HeadHonch0(Forfeit)

8.) Naruto OC ~Mirai Reini~ by YozoraArashiOc Tournament Round 3~ Mirai vs. Sora by YozoraArashi VS Sora Hatari's ninja profile (COLOR) by I-Am-Lord-KiraRedemtion round battle by I-Am-Lord-Kira

9.) Naruto OC- Miura Naoki by BittersweetHorizonNaoki Miura Vs Akao Nakayoshi by BittersweetHorizon VS Naruto OC by WarriorUnicorn (Forfeit)

10.) my naruto character by mangagirl823 (Forfeit) VS Art Trade for RukiaRyoka786 by SicklySatisfiedCave Fight by RukiaRyoka786

Make sure to submit your entries here when you are finished, if you encounter any problems uploading your entries please leave me a message!:…

All battles are random but if you have comments and suggestion feel free to raise it up!

Deadline is on October 13,2014!

-admin moonlight-fox
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NlKNAK Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

Hello there affiliate, I hope you don't mind the advertisement. If you do, please go ahead and hide this and I'll make a note not to advertise here again.

:iconkureifc:  and :iconnlknak:
 Contest Type: Draw My OC
 End date: October 21st, 2014 (Tentitive)
 Note: Everyone can participate, not just group members
 Prizes: Over $100 in prizes and growing.
 More info: 

[Draw my OC Contest] Kurei's Birthday Bash [OPEN]:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletorange:Draw My Oc Contest:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletorange:
Welcome, this is an anything goes contest with a purpose to draw my main Naruto character, Kurei.
There are additional characters included which you may draw interacting with her!
There is no set theme, while this is titled Kurei's Birthday Bash, any theme that strikes you is okay.
Alright, I'm interested! How do I join?
Goood question, it's fairly simple!
--- +Watch the group. This will help you keep up with updates of this blog as well as any information put into the group. Joining the group is welcome too, and encouraged.
--- Advertise this contest via a journal (you may use a poll but it must be in conjuncture with a journal). Then post a link here or along with your entry.
--- Get an idea and make an entry, then, when finished, post below with a thumb or link to your entry and wait for the deadline.
---------NOTE: You may enter all categories

To celebrate my character, Kurei's, ninth birthday, I'm hosting a fairly grand contest. Everyone is welcome to participate and/or advertise! I am also looking for those who would be interested in donating and/or judging.

Kind regards,
moonlight-fox Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi Affiliate! I dont mind the ad at all! If you want this Ad to be added in our Advertisment Journal Please do send a note In this format

Bullet; Green Hosted by: (GroupName/Deviant Name)
Bullet; Green Theme: 
Bullet; Green Task: (Brief Description)
Bullet; Green Deadline: 
Bullet; Green Media: (What to use cosplay, trad, digital, literature?)
Bullet; Green Prizes: 
Bullet; Green More info : (Link to Journal)
Senjuclan Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
I would greatly appreciate it if I could join this group :)
Taminki Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You sure can, just click the join button. :)
xxHiddenGemxx Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I can't find the icon to join the group! Heeelllpp!! :(
Taminki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There should be a join button right next to the note-the-group button on the frontpage.
xxHiddenGemxx Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe thanks for the help! but I got a invite to join yesterday actually so its all good ;)
Taminki Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahh, good. >D
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moonlight-fox Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
invited you to join ~
xxHiddenGemxx Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe thanks a million!!
:iconhehee-plz: :iconkakathumbsupplz:
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